Our Process

If you would like us to consider purchasing your web business, fill out the short form on the home page.

Our Review

We will take an initial look at your website and the information you provide to determine whether it meets our purchase criteria or that of our investors.

What You Will Hear from Us

Request for additional information
If we are interested in your website, we will contact you with additional questions and a request for more detailed information including proof of financial and traffic information.

Offer to Help You Sell Your Website
If we find that your business is marketable but not a fit for our investors, we may offer to broker the sale on your behalf via our website or other marketplaces. This will only be done with your written permission.

A Polite “No Thank You”
Some websites may not be of the scale to be acquired or sold by our group. If that is the case we will tell you and offer resources to help you either sell the site yourself or grow the site so that it will be easier for you to sell in the future.

If We Buy Your Site

Should we offer to buy your website and you agree, we will document the transaction in a contract of sale.

The money will be held in escrow by a third party escrow provider to protect you and us while the assets of the website are changing ownership.

Assistance in Selling Your Website

Whether you are looking for quick cash or a high price for your website, we can help by getting it in front of a large number of qualified buyers.

Copyright 2014 - We Buy Internet Businesses - All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2014 - We Buy Internet Businesses - All Rights Reserved